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Father Jean-Gilles Sem
Saint Raphael Parish, Haiti


Saint Raphael Parish in Saint Raphael, Haiti is the sister parish of the Catholic Community of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Through the mission and ministry of the Haiti Committee and the generous support of the members of our parishes, we are touching the lives of the people of Saint Raphael in Haiti. A loving and caring relationship has developed between the Catholic Community of Jeffersonville and Saint Raphael.

Through this relationship the people of Saint Raphael offers their love, gratitude, and prayers to the people of the Catholic Community of Jeffersonville. Through this relationship the people of our parishes offer to seek an understanding of the needs of our sister parish and to try and fulfill those needs. This can be accomplished by prayers, sacrifices, words of encouragement, thoughtful donations, and acts of caring. Through the sacrificial efforts of the Haiti Committee and the members of our parish is making a difference in Haiti.

Mass at Saint Raphael Parish

Pictured are former pastor of Saint Raphael, Fr. Leonel Jean-Francois with Fr. Raymond Schaffer, former pastor of Sacred Heart concelebrating Mass at Saint Raphael.

The architecture is quite impressive as you approach the building. As you enter the worship space the warmth and beauty of this old church give comfort to your spirit in this sacred place.

Liturgical Dance

Pictured are some of the children of Saint Raphael Parish. The joy of celebrating Mass was enhanced by the love and spirit of these children as they performed a liturgical dance during the Mass.

Pictured is an exterior view of one of the three Chapels that are missions of Saint Raphael parish. Father Sem visits these missions each month to celebrate Mass and minister to the people in the area. The missions also serve as the local school for the children.

Haiti Committee