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St. Augustine - Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Choosing a Confirmation Name

A candidate may choose a Confirmation name or retain a recognized saint’s name given at Baptism. In either case it is important to have a saint’s name as part of the Confirmation rite. A Confirmation name is a permanent reminder which links the candidate with the way in which the mission of Jesus lives on in those special persons recognized by the Church as saints in its history. The process of researching the life of a saint can be an enriching part of the preparation program and can serve as the basis for reflection on the qualities of a present-day witness for Christ. Family members and sponsors can assist the candidate in choosing a Confirmation name.

Letters to the Archbishop

As part of the candidates’ preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation, the archbishop requests that each candidate submit a letter to him. This letter is meant to be more than just a statement from the young person asking for the sacrament. Since he cannot be a part of each and every formation program, the letters help the archbishop to see how the young people have been preparing for this celebration, as well as for life strengthened by the Holy Spirit after the celebration. In addition, so many of the letters stand as a testament to faith and devotion of the young Church, a sign of hope for us all. 

Since it is meant to address each young person’s own journey and preparation, the letter should not be a “form letter.” While some guidance may be given, it needs to stand as a composition of that individual. The candidates should note in the letter to which parish they belong. 

The archbishop uses the information from the letters as a part of his homily, enabling him to speak to the experiences and needs of the candidates more personally. The archbishop does not use names from the letters in his homily so as not to embarrass anyone, aside from speaking about the selection of the saint name and why.

The letter should answer the following questions:

  1. What does Confirmation mean to me? Why am I choosing to be confirmed?
  2. What saint's name did I choose and why?
  3. Whom did I choose for my sponsor and why?
  4. What did I do for my service hours? What did I learn/gain from the experience?
Meeting with the Archbishop

To further his connection with the young church, the archbishop wants to spend time with the candidates and their sponsors before the celebration of the Mass