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Questions and Answers about the Transition to Father Matt Tucci as our Next Pastor


Where is Father Marcotte going?

Father Marcotte is going to Saint Simon’s Catholic Church in Indianapolis.  This is a parish in the Indianapolis North Deanery. 


How long has Father Marcotte known about this? 

Father Marcotte found out about the new assignment on a phone call with the Vicar for Clergy on Tuesday, March 5th.  This assignment has been up in the air for quite some time though as the Archbishop has had to deal with the unexpected deaths of several of our priests who were in active ministry.  Father Marcotte received confirmation of the assignment on Monday May 6th.    


Does Father want this change?

Father Marcotte has greatly enjoyed his time as the pastor of Sacred Heart and Saint Augustine.  He will miss ministering and living in Jeffersonville, as well as the countless friendships he has formed.  Father Marcotte is also excited about his new assignment at Saint Simon’s in Indianapolis.


How is Father Marcotte handling all of this?

Change is never easy and as many of you know it is difficult to pick up everything you own and move.  Father has made amazing friendships here in Jeffersonville and it is tough beginning the process of saying goodbye.  However, he is trusting in God and asks for your prayers. 


Is this change permanent? 

Yes.  Father Marcotte will not be returning to our parishes in the foreseeable future. 


How far away is Father Marcotte’s new parish? 

Saint Simon’s is on the northeast side of Indianapolis and takes anywhere from 2 hours and 15 minutes to 2 ½ hours to get to from Jeffersonville. 


Who is the priest replacing Father Marcotte?

Father Matt Tucci moved around a bit growing up, but it included time in Louisville, Kentucky and Bloomington, Indiana. He claims Holy Family in New Albany as his home parish and his family currently resides in Louisville.  Father Matt attended Purdue University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Upon graduation from college, Father affiliated as a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  Father Matt studied Philosophy at Saint Meinrad School of Theology.  After that he went to Rome to study theology and lived at the Pontifical North American College.  As a side note, Father Matt’s first year in Rome coincided with Father Marcotte’s final year.  Father Marcotte got to know Father Matt well during that year.  Father Matt was ordained on June 25th, 2016. Father’s first assignment was as Associate Pastor at Saint Christopher’s in Indianapolis and Chaplain Coordinator at Cardinal Ritter High School.  After two years in that assignment he was sent to serve as the Associate Pastor at Saint Barnabas in Indianapolis and the Catholic Chaplain at the University of Indianapolis where he has been this past year.


Isn’t Father Matt too young to be our pastor?

No.  He is older than Father Marcotte was when he came to Jeffersonville and has over twice the experience as a priest that Father Marcotte had when he arrived.  Be thankful for a young, energetic priest!     


What does Father Marcotte think about Father Matt?

Father Marcotte is incredibly grateful that Father Matt is coming to Jeffersonville as he knows him to be an excellent priest and an all-around good guy.  Father Matt is easy to get along with, loves to be out in the community and has a great sense of humor.  Father Marcotte isn’t a fan of his ties to Purdue, but no one is perfect.


How does this change affect all of our ministries? 

This change does not need to affect our ministries.  Our parishes are not solely dependent on a priest.  We are parish communities made up of active, dedicated and lively parishioners.  It is the intention that things will continue as usual under Father Matt. 


What about the specific things that Father Marcotte has begun; will they be changed?

As of now all events on the calendar are going as planned.  Our parishes have always had new programs begin and old programs end as leadership changes and the needs of the parishes are addressed.  However, this is a great opportunity for parishioners to get re-involved or involved for the first time to help maintain programming or help develop new programming that Father Matt sees as a need.   


Will Father Matt be like Father Marcotte?

As a premise, comparing Father Matt and Father Marcotte is not fair.  Father Matt will have talents and passions that are not the same as Father Marcotte.  Some of the things that Father Marcotte is good at will be things that Father Matt is not as good at.  At the same time, Father Matt will bring talents to our parish community that Father Marcotte does not possess.  It will be exciting to see the new gifts that Father Matt brings to Jeffersonville.


Will the daily and weekend Mass and Confession schedule stay the same?



What about the Confirmation date, will it change?

This will not affect our confirmation date.


Will Father Marcotte come back for weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc.?

Father Marcotte will not come back for these events.  One of the great ways to help a new priest start to integrate into the parish is to allow him to celebrate these important Masses.  It would be rude to Father Matt if Father Marcotte was continuing to come back and celebrate these events.  Father Marcotte also has a parish assignment that will consume a lot of his time and energy.  It would not be fair to his new parishioners to have to “feel” neglected or second best to his former parishioners. 


Is Father Matt supportive of Catholic Schools?

Yes.  St. Barnabas, his current parish assignment, has a very large and active parish school ministry. 


How do we address Father Matt Tucci?

Father Matt Tucci desires to be called Father Matt. 


Can we visit Father Marcotte?

All parishioners are always welcome to come for the celebration of Holy Mass at Saint Simon’s Parish in Indianapolis. 


Saturday Anticipation
5:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m.
9:15 a.m.
11:00 a.m.

What is the Website for Father Marcotte’s new parish?


What will be Father Marcotte’s new contact info?

8155 Oaklandon Road

Indianapolis, IN 46236-8578



When will Father Marcotte have his last Mass in Jeffersonville?

Father Marcotte’s last Masses will be the weekend Masses on Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th


When is it appropriate to contact Father Marcotte vs. Father Matt?

Father Matt is your new pastor come July 3rd at Noon.  Please contact him for concerns and questions from then on and please contact Father Marcotte with concerns and questions before then.    



How can I help Father Marcotte?

First, pray for him, for his new parish and for good transition.  Second, be all the more convicted in your faith.  The last thing that Father Marcotte wants is people to be less engaged in their faith.  Lastly, Father Marcotte wants all that the Holy Spirit has worked among us to continue, to grow and to flourish all the more.  Please support our new pastor, Father Matt Tucci, with your prayers and willingness to step up and serve.  The last thing that Father Marcotte wants is for our parishes to struggle or have a bad transition.     


How can I welcome Father Matt and help him during this transition in his life?

First, welcome him.  Treat him with great hospitality and a sense of welcome.  He will be our new pastor.  He is our new father.  The Archbishop has chosen him to be our pastor; let’s make him feel at home.  Second, pray for him.  Offer your holy hour for him, keep him in your rosary intentions and daily intentions.  Third, stay involved and get more involved to ensure the ministries of our parish run smoothly and carry on with ease.


What should I never say to Father Matt?

Two phrases need to be uninvited from our parish vocabulary “Father Always” and “Father Never.”  Statements that begin with “Father Always” and “Father Never” are hard for a new pastor to argue with or disagree with.  Starting questions or statements with,” Have you ever seen,” or “have you ever considered” is much more appropriate and welcoming.  Father Matt is not expected to be an exact copy or replica of Father Marcotte.  Please allow him to be himself.    


When is Father Matt’s first day?

Father Matt will begin on Wednesday, July 3rd at noon.      


What can I be praying for?

Archbishop Thompson, Father Matt, Father Marcotte, Sacred Heart, Saint Augustine’s, Saint Simon’s, Saint Barnabas’.


When is Father Marcotte’s Going Away Party?

Father Marcotte is having a Going Away Party on the evening of Monday July 1st at the Knights of Columbus (225 E. Market St. Jeffersonville, IN 47130) beginning at 6 pm.