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At Saint Augustine and Sacred Heart I take seriously my responsibility in leading our parishes. I am aided in my decision making process by the help of three main groups. First, I have the pastoral team which is made up of our paid pastoral staff. They have insight into the activities of our parishes, especially as it relates to their expertise, as well as the commissions that they are involved with. Second, I have the Finance Councils (one for each parish) which counsel me especially in the stewardship of our financial resources. The Finance councils are made up of individuals who have a background and experience with budgets, finance, investment, accounting, and banking. Third, I have one Parish Council which counsel me on the general "state of the parishes". I ask for advice about projects under consideration and am made aware of concerns and ideas that come from our parishioners. We are always looking for talented individuals to serve on the finance and parish councils. If you or someone you know has a skill set that would work well on the finance or parish council please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Contact Fr. Matt Tucci
812-282-2677 Ext. 15
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Contact Deacon John Thompson
Pastoral Associate
812-282-2677 Ext. 11
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St. Augustine Pastoral Goals 2017-2020

Sacred Heart Pastoral Goals 2017-2020

Father Matt Tucci

Deacon John Thompson
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