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This sacrament gives the grace of the Holy Spirit to those who are sick: by this grace the whole person is helped and saved, sustained by trust in God, and strengthened against the temptations of the Evil one and against anxiety over death. The sacrament of anointing is the proper sacrament for those Christians whose health is seriously impaired by sickness or old age. The Sacrament of the anionting of the sick is celebrated at the beginning of a serious illness. Viaticum, celebrated when death is close, will then be better understood as the last sacrament of Christian life. Through the sacrament of anointing the Church supports the sick in their struggle against illness and continues Christ's messianic work of healing.

  • A sick person may be anointed before surgery whenever a serious illness is the reason for the surgery.
  • Elderly people may be anointed if they have become notably weakened even though no serious illness is present.
  • Children may be anointed if have sufficient use of reason (age seven and above) to be strengthened by this sacrament.

If you or your loved one is hospitalized or going for surgery, or in an emergency, please contact the parish office at any time (812-282-2677). 

Sacred Heart and Saint Augustine also offer the Anointing of the Sick immediately following each of the weekend Masses on the first Sunday of each month.